With clients as far away as Malta and Manhattan, our work is by no means geographically-bound. In the same vein, it cannot be pegged as any one type or style of architecture. We thrive on unexpected variables and constraints, and as a result, have had the opportunity to work on a compelling array of projects ranging from modern timber cottages and urban infill homes to the reinvention of a cookie-cutter condo unit and the conversion of a distinctly Victorian home into something as modern as they are unique.

The one thing each of these projects share in common is our ardent desire to ensure the end product is thoughtfully-conceived, eminently functional, pleasing to the senses and sustainable for the long-term. Taken together, these four goals make for good design.

Verval Conference Room
Top-down view of Cemetery Markers
Wide-shot of B-Side Wine Bar interior dining area and wall details

International Recognition

It’s always nice to be recognized. Our work has been honoured by respected institutions such as the Smithsonian National Design Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA). As well, we are recipients of the most venerated design award in architecture in the US – an American Institute of Architecture National Design Award. We have also been featured in numerous industry publications, media outlets and art books.

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