People connecting with people

Working with the Kariouk Architects team means having access to an exceptional amount of creative insight, depth of expertise and immeasurable passion for the craft. Because we are professionally-trained and accredited architects and do not employ technologists, there is a purity and uncommonly singular quality to our work.

And while proven skill and accreditation is vital, we also place a premium on the human side of things. Our small, cohesive group is kind, funny, ethical and uniquely-gifted.

Every project we work on begins with the client. We dive deep for insight, answers and the unexpected. We get to know the people who will be using the spaces we design.

In turn, we create spaces that are equal parts aesthetically captivating and immensely useful. Whether it’s a young family home, tech start-up offices, a community centre or a year-round cottage – we create compelling spaces to live, work and play in – spaces that will feel just as smartly-designed in their third decade as they did in their first.

Paul duBellet Kariouk
Chris Davis

Meet the Kariouk team

Get to know the people behind the work – the team at Kariouk Architects is passionately dedicated to the artistry of architecture. Crafting spaces from the inside out and giving shape to light and air – for the joy and real-life purpose of the people who live, work and play in those spaces. Constantly in pursuit of good design, we leverage our differing life experiences and frames of references as the foundation of our creative debate. We thrive on making each project as unique as its owner – with no two Kariouk projects alike because no two clients are the same.

Adam Paquette